New East Manchester Development, Ashton Old Road, Beswick

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The site consists of 500 houses forming part of the East Manchester Redevelopment. The scheme had been designed specifically to use Kingspan Tek Structural Insulated Panels (SIP) as the main structural components for walls and in most cases the roofs.

The buildings were a mix of 2 and 3 storey units which were linked together to form terraces of varying lengths. There were ostensibly 7 house types but then there were variations on the 7 depending on the individual arrangements.

The first phase of about 200 units had very difficult architectural design restrictions. The House Type A for example had a ground floor plan which then cantilevered out in two directions at first floor, extended up with this shape through the second floor and then stepped in above second floor extending up to a slab roof that overhung the building with quite significant cantilevers. Where the building cantilevered out at first floor there was a architecturally imposed design requirement to have a structural depth of only 100mm at the windows, in spite of the floor joist depth being 300mm. To achieve this criteria meant a complicated steel frame arrangement had to be introduced as illustrated below.

Project Sum: £30M

Architect: Bowker Sadler

Client: Kingspan Tek

Developer: Lovell Partnerships Ltd