David French Partnership have a wide expertise in specialist insurance work covering two main areas.

  • Constructional All Risks – CAR
  • Inherent Defects Insurance - IDI

The CAR insurance is not dealing with health and safety issue but deals with cover offered to contractors for damage to buildings and other structures being constructed.

The projects DFP become involved with are major projects located all around the world and include many high profile projects.

With CAR projects DFP’s main responsibility is to inspect the drawings and design information and to identify areas of risk and advise the insurers.  DFP also check that all the correct procedures are in place for any high risk operations and this involves visiting site at key stages or if any problems arise.

Inherent Defects Insurance, also known as Latent Defects or Building Defects Insurance, reduces the risk for building owners.

IDI covers the physical damage to the property caused by defective design, materials or workmanship which was undiscovered at completion. With IDI cover the policyholder does not have to prove the negligence of a third party to make a claim.  When an inherent defect is discovered, the insured can simply file an IDI claim, thus avoiding contentious discussions with the contractors in clarifying liability for the loss. Repairs and restoration work can start without delay.

With the IDI inspections DFP again inspect the drawings and design information to identify areas of risk and advise the insurers and also inspect the works at key stages.  With IDI issues we have more input on what is being built as if we see areas of risk we can ask for justification and if not satisfied this can lead to changes in the design or exclusions to the cover.

Although a number of projects are ‘normal’ commercial buildings many of the projects are again high profile projects often located around the world.

Some of the larger insurance projects that DFP have been involved with are as follows:

Forth Bridge Replacement Crossing, Edinborough – CAR 2011on-going
Abu Dhabi Internation Airport, Abu Dhabi – CAR 2011 on-going
Innova Science Park – Enfield – IDI 2010
Alexander Hamilton Bridge, New York State, USA – CAR 2010 on-going
Manhattan Bridge, New York, USA – CAR 2010 on-going
New Jetty, Anacostia river, Washington, USA – CAR 2010 on-going
11th St Bridge, Washington, USA – CAR 2010 on-going
New York Water, New York, USA – CAR 2010 on-going
Huey P Long Bridge, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA – CAR 2009
Atlantis Hotel, Dubai – Advice on damage following flooding during construction. 2009
Saadiyat Island Bridge, Abu Dhabi – CAR 2009
Dubai International Finance Centre, Dubai – CAR 2009
Tesco Warehouse, Widnes, Cheshire – IDI 2009
12 Charles Street, St Helier, Jersey – IDI 2009
Queensway Gibraltar – IDI 2009
Burj Khalifa, Dubai – CAR 2005-2008
Wakefield College, Wakefield – IDI 2008
Tesco, Centreport, Goole, Yorks – IDI 2008
UAE University, Al Ain – Technical Audit on Piling 2007
McConnell Dowell, Melbourne, Australia – CAR 2007
Kings Warren Business Park, Wrenbridge, Suffolk – IDI 2007
East Of England Showground, Peterborough – IDI 2007
Symphony, Grimethorpe – IDI 2007
Bovis Lend Lease, Multiple projects in Syrney and Melbourne, Australia – CAR 2006
Miami International Airport, Florida, USA – CAR 2006
Reuter Hess Reservoir, Colarado, USA – CAR 2006
Condado Duo, San Juan, Puerto Rica – CAR 2006
Atlantis Hotel, Paradise Island, Bahamas – CAR 2006
US Embassy, Kingston, Jamaica – CAR 2005
Power Station, Pori, Finland – CAR 2005
John Holland Co, Melbourne, Australia – CAR 2005
Sydney Water Co, Sydney, Australia – CAR 2005
GCHQ Headquarters, Cheltenham – IDI 2004
Tesco Store, Slovak Republic – IDI 2004
Tesco Stores, Czech Republic – IDI 2004
Tesco Stores, Poland – IDI 2002
Tesco Stores, Hungary – IDI 2002