Manor House Garage Hockliffe

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The site is located at the junction of the Woburn Road and Watling Street in Hockliffe and covers a plan area of approximately 0.35 hectares. The site was previously used as a garage and breaker's yard.

There were buried fuel tanks on the site as well as a number of buildings.

David French Partnership carried out an initial ground investigation to locate the tanks and the extent of the contamination. The site was found to be heavily contaminated and required extensive remediation works.

DFP developed the scheme for remediation and agreed this with the Environment Agency. DFP oversaw the works and prepared reports on the remediation and validation.

A further complication occurred where the contamination was found to straddle the boundary and DFP designed a barrier solution to stop the site from becoming re-contaminated due to migration of contaminants from off site. DFP also did the engineering design of the new dwellings.


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