Small Works Department

Although David French Partnership are often involved in multi-million pound schemes we are equally competitive on small projects.  DFP have a Small Works Section who specialise on these jobs.  They can do everything from your single beam design through to full engineering of substantial extensions. Some of the common areas where we can help you are:

Wall removal and Extensions
If you have drawings showing what you want to do, you can email these to us and we will put together a proposal for the engineering design.  This can be for just the calculations needed for Building Control through to full engineering drawings. Our service is carefully tailored to your specific needs.  If required we can do the full Building Control drawings as well as the engineering. If you don’t have drawings we can visit the site and measure up what is needed or guide you through what you have to do to give us the information we need.  A site visit is the best option. It adds to the cost of our service, however it could well save you money in the long run.

Chimney breast removal
When you take out a chimney breast you normally need to install a beam to support the remaining flues.  Some builders suggest using Gallows Brackets but these are not acceptable nowadays. The problem with removing a chimney breast is it can leave the chimney balanced on a relatively thin wall.  Although this is normally fine in strong winds the projecting chimney can act as a sail and the chimney could blow over.

Loft Conversions
We specialise in loft conversions and can either do just the engineering or prepare full working drawings.  Loft conversions can be very complicated and it is easy to get things wrong.  A poorly designed scheme can be detrimental to your house. It can take away space from the first floor and you end up with a poor quality loft room.  We will always tell you if a loft conversion is not a good option. We design loft rooms taking into account the difficulties of building and opt for proven solutions which we know will minimise problems.  Our solutions often use modern materials such as Glulam Beams and Engineered Timber which can simplify the construction.

Changing the use of a structure is often not as straightforward as you may think.  We are experienced in adapting rooms for new uses and converting areas like garages into habitable rooms.

Aids and Adaptations
We are experienced in converting and adapting houses for people with a variety of disabilities, often working with Occupational Therapists.  Introducing lifts and hoists often cause structural problems. We have techniques to overcome them. We can do everything for you from just sizing beams and structural elements through to full working schemes.

Party Wall Issues
Often the above works will involve Party Wall issues and we can provide all the assistance you need to comply with the Party Wall Act.