Project Management

Project management involves controlling a project to achieve the targets of time, cost and quality.

David French Partnership understand building and hence are ideally suited to project manage building projects.  The key requirements of successful project management are:

  • Understanding the needs and expectation of the client.
  • Planning what needs to be done, when, by whom, and to what standards.
  • Building and motivating the team.
  • Coordinating the work of different people.
  • Monitoring work being done.
  • Dealing promptly with issues during the construction phase.
  • Managing any changes to the plan.
  • Delivering successful results.

One of the biggest potential issues to a successful project is the management of changes to the plan.  Often clients do not understand the cost and time implications of a change and our understanding of building can greatly assist the client understand the impact of a change.

We have an added advantage that we can deal with drawing and design issues in-house as often other project managers have to out-source these aspects which can result in delays and potential loss of control of the project.

David French Partnership have project managed many projects such as:

  • Reinstatement of fire damaged structures
  • Investigation and repair of subsidence affected properties
  • Emergency advice followed by organising reinstatement following vehicle impacts
  • Extensions and modifications to schools
  • Changes to industrial buildings

Often it seems that project managers are more concerned with the ‘mystic art’ of project management using all sorts of project management tools rather than the practical goal of getting the project completed well, on time and in budget.  David French Partnership take a proactive role in moving the project through to a successful conclusion without excessive meetings or constraints.

We pride ourselves on providing a hands on approach to do what is necessary to meet the clients needs.